Welcome to Playa Grande!

Let us advise you

Las Baulas National Park

Taking a lo look to the visitants centre of 'Las Baulas' National Park is always a very good idea if you come to Playa Grande. There you can learn about the leatherback turtle and also enjoy a night walk for observing them. Leatherback turtle is in danger of extinction, so you will be lucky if you can watch the spawning, a unique experience.

Surf in Playa Grande

Playa grande is a great place for surfing, good waves almost all the year will make you enjoy the pacific ocean like never before.

Cabinas 'La Buena Vida'

If your are looking for a place to stay in Playa Grande we recommend you this cabinas, good situation, a little pool with common area at 7 minutes walking to the beach.

Our location

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